The King of a Thousand Suns
Lyrics & Music: Nina Christensen

On a stormy, cloudy day, when the sunset soon shall pass,
although it is not later than six
If you walk towards the ocean, if you listen carefully,
you can hear somebody whisper in the wind

The voice will drag you to the water and beg you to get in
cause she believes you will be able to save the country of the thousand suns

If you obey and take your clothes off, start to swim out in the sea,
and continue til you’re out where you’re lost
Dive down through layers out of layers of what the water might be giving,
to the darkest of the bottoms you have seen

And there she lays, covered by mud, she’s chained and doomed to watch the grey
It’s a scene as far away as you can come, from the country of the thousand suns

The bottom of the ocean is a world of itself.
Miles and miles it reminds you of its greatness
and far beyond that in a bubble, colored of shimmery mother pearl,
uncaring of the dark, lives the king

And on his head he wears a crown, just like every king should wear,
And it’s shining like a thousand suns. Just like the country where he once belonged.

Travel further just as you did, this time you don’t let the muddy bottom stop you,
and look for the good hidden box out of tree.
It is not nice in any way, forget the picture of a treasure.
This one could break just by looking at it.

Please open it and bring out what’s left of a heart. A heart that got lost in a war.
Bring the heart back to the king so he can be a worthy one, worthy enough for the suns.
Then he might be as wise, when he gets the heart back in his world, so he will wake up and free his girl