I am Going Nowhere
Music and lyrics by Nina Christensen


Let's rest in this, I am going nowhere
From where I'm at, behind your shoulders With my arms around your waist, I am safe You can rest
I am going nowhere 

All we got is in this moment and one day I'll be gone But now I'm home
You can rest 

Let's rest in this, We will keep it going
No one knows where it might lead us
But through the rain, the fights, we ended up fine We're alright
We will keep it going 

In your ears I will whisper all the words you want to hear And I'll be there
You can rest 

It might be enough, my doubt is not that deep
I need to say it out loud, so I won't be afraid of it We might die tomorrow, I'm cleaning up my head Don't give too much thought of what's been said You can rest, You can rest
You can rest in these arms
You can rest, You can rest
Throughout the rain, the fights
We ended up fine
We're alright
I am going nowhere